It starts with the state of the art production facility in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where we make all our proprietary Munch Bakery products. Our production process & the highest quality ingredients ensures Munch Bakery takes the cake with the cherry on top!
The initial investment to launch a MUNCH Bakery franchise ranges from USD 80,000 - USD 1,350,000 depending on the model chosen. Our franchise venues offer three levels of buildouts:

Model 1
Munch Bakery Kiosk
Model 2
Munch Bakery Express
Model 3
Munch Bakery Neighborhood
Model 4
Munch Bakery Independent Shop with Commissary


A breakdown of the Franchise Cost:

  1. Franchise Fees: one of the following options:
    1. Area Development Fees: 20,000 USD per store, and 13,350 USD per kiosk - required minimum of five stores
    2. Individual Franchise Model 2-4 (Express, Neighbourhood, Independent Shop with Commissary) USD 24,000 per store
    3. Individual Franchise Model 1 (Kiosk) USD 13,350 per kiosk
  2. Royalty Fees: 6% of gross sales
  3. Marketing Fees: 1% of gross sales
  4. Local Advertising Fees: 2% of gross sales

Imagination & Creativity

We are at our best when we use our imagination and creativity to do what’s considered impossible by most people. This is one of the most fundamental values that we harness at MUNCH , and is also a mantra we instill in our workplace, day-in and day-out.

Special Ingredients

We use only the best-quality natural ingredients to deliver unique flavors that are exclusive to MUNCH products. The secret to our taste and our brand is in the superior quality of our ingredients, which allows us to bake you the best munchies in the country.

Human Connection

The essence of our brand is to connect with the people who love to MUNCH . It’s the sole reason why we continue to create such a scrumptious range of treats. Everything is carefully designed with the notion to reach the hearts of our customers. We strive to deliver a wholesome experience. It’s what keeps us close to you; it’s what makes us human.


Coming up with new ways to add excitement and enjoyment to your MUNCH experience is the main goal of our efforts. We are very keen on adding innovative processes in order to deliver consistent, top-of-the-line quality throughout our branch network.

Fun & Engagement

It’s our promise to provide a fun and engaging experience each and every time you visit a MUNCH location, and then touch base on our social networks.

State-of-the-Art Production

We produce on a very large scale to satisfy the taste buds of our loyal customers, and when a task is this sizable, it means you need the best equipment by your side. MUNCH makes every confection in our state-of-the-art production facilities to ensure consistency and supreme quality.